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Build strength, muscle, and improve performance for the long term with the Clinical Performance (CP) membership programs. The CP Team membership gives you access to both the Hypertrophy and Powerlifting programs and all future programs. The membership also grants you access to an exclusive online community where you can ask all your training and nutrition related questions, get form checks, find lift modifications, and get exclusive Q&As.

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CP Team Training

$35/month (Grants access to ALL Clinical Performance programs)

CP Team training

Unlock access to all current and future Clinical Performance programs.

Custom programming


custom programming

Completely custom programming designed specifically for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How many days per week is each program?

The number of days per week and length each program varries. Click on the Learn More button under each program for a complete overview and to subscribe.

+ Why do I need to commit to 3 months?

Results aren't immediate! You'll need at least 3 months of consistency to see results.

+ Can I change programs at any time?

Yes! Membership allows you to switch between programs at any time. However, we recommend sticking to one program through its entirety for optimal results.

+ How do I get the workouts?

Workouts will be delivered to you via the Clinical Performance App. You will be invited to download the app once you subscribe.

+ Is the Nutrition Coaching included with the membership to the programs?

Nutrition Coaching is a seperate service from the training programs. Nutrition Coaching is a highly customized service that includes a lot of direct communication, hence the higher price.

+ Is there a benefit to doing both Nutrition Coaching and the programs?

Yes! Training is only a piece of the equation. Nutrition plays a huge role in body composition and overall performance. We can design and coach you on your nutritional plan to help maximize training results. However, Nutrition Coaching does not need to be done in sync with our training programs. It can be customized to any situation, sport, training style you are currently doing.